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Reinisch Wilson Weier at the 2017 Race for Justice

By Reinisch Wilson Weier PC - on: Jun 19, 2017
Each year, Reinisch Wilson Weier PC not only supports, but also participates in the annual St. Andrew Legal Clinic Race for Justice. The 2017 Race was recently held June 17 in NE Portland. The firm unofficially raised over $1,500 in contributions to the Firm’s team page; 25 firm members, family and friends participated. Here are […]

Death of the Washington Second Injury Fund?

By Shawna Fruin - on: Jun 12, 2017
Historically, a pension with Second Injury Fund relief was a desirable outcome for both Washington injured workers and employers, allowing workers to obtain the pension that they desired, but reducing employer liability to only permanent partial disability, assuming the substantive criteria for accessing the Fund were satisfied. That meant that employers were paying essentially the […]

You have been selected for a Washington workers’ compensation audit

By Jennifer Truong - on: Jun 07, 2017
A guide for Washington state fund employers With few exceptions, employers doing business in the state of Washington are required to have workers’ compensation insurance for their employees.[1] The Department of Labor and Industries will often notify employers of an audit via mail, which includes a request for responses to a pre-audit questionnaire and notice […]

Future compensation is not fair computation in Washington

By Charles Pearson - on: Apr 24, 2017
It is ok to plan for the future—rest assured that next year’s raise will not be included in today’s wage computation. As strange as it sounds, a similar issue was recently litigated up to the Court of Appeals of Washington. In Miller v. Shope Concrete Products Company,[1] the Washington Court of Appeals reversed a Washington […]

Inclement weather and commutes: A recipe for what in Oregon?

By Brian Solodky and Courtney Kreutz - on: Apr 14, 2017
Most commutes are excluded from workers’ compensation coverage under the “coming and going” rule. The basic principal is injuries sustained while a worker is travelling to and/or from work are not compensable. As you probably know, there are many well-established exceptions to the “coming and going” rule. This article focuses on a lingering grey area […]

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