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General or specific Oregon denials? That is the question!

By Ned Arenberg - on: Mar 10, 2017
In a 2016 decision, Dan M. Morgan[1], the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board ruled that a carrier’s initial claim denial was too specific to bar a subsequent claim for wrist tendonitis. The Morgan case poses a very important reminder to claims processors to carefully craft an initial claim denial. We can expect that an administrative law […]

The 2016 year in review of carpal tunnel syndrome research

By Michael H. Weier - on: Mar 03, 2017
(Editor’s Note: The Washington Department of Labor & Industries is seeking comments on changes to its treatment guideline on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which expands the section on work-relatedness as it pertains to computer use in the workplace. The guidance can be read here; comments are requested by March 14, 2017, at the contact information available here; and […]

Changes and confusion in new Oregon Division 60 rules

By Bin Chen and Laura Newbrough - on: Mar 02, 2017
Effective January 1, 2017, the amended Oregon OAR 436-060 is intended, according to the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division (WCD), to reduce confusion by streamlining the calculation method for temporary disability (OAR 436-060-0025), as well as eliminating many of the exceptions to what types of wages and other earnings must be included when determining the worker’s […]

Attorney fee update: Oregon WCB adopts amendments to Division 015 (Attorney Fee) rules

By Kindra Long and Kelly Niemeyer - on: Jan 26, 2017
Following the issuance of WCB Administrative Order 2-2016 by the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board, permanent amendments to the attorney fee rules became effective November 1, 2016. As a result of these amendments, legal services performed by claimant attorneys’ legal staff may now be considered in determination of a reasonable attorney fee award.[1] Inclusion of an […]

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