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Welcome to the Reinisch Wilson Weier file upload page.

We have designated two portals – one for Oregon-based claims, one for Washington-based claims. Regardless of which you use,

  • This is best used with Chrome as your browser
  • Box is HIPAA compliant
  • You may upload files as large as 2 GB; upload speed may depend on your internet connection and file size
  • Uploaded files will be previewed for any conflicts of interest; files with conflicts will be deleted after notifying the sender
  • Please include in the description box
    • the name of claimant and employer (e.g. “Coyote v. ACME”)
    • what the file contains (e.g. “medical records”)
    • an intended Firm recipient, if known
  • If at all possible, please “zip” or otherwise combine separate files to reduce the number of individual uploads

Questions? Please contact Scott Wolff at 503-452-7266 or

Oregon Files

Washington Files