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Attorney Spotlight: Bin Chen

Some say Harley riders are not motorcyclists (because Harleys are not motorcycles, they are Harleys).

“Lane splitters” have their own language. Bin Chen not only speaks Harley, but also Mandarin, his native Shanghai dialect, English and an Oregon version of Workers’ Compensation.

His languages and litigation expertise are as unique as are his bikes (yes, there is another one for Enduro riding) vs. those of other motorcyclists or litigators. Bin says that being born in China may mean he sees the world differently, but cultural differences are really matters of degree rather than opposites. Sometimes winning a difficult workers’ compensation claim litigation requires seeing differences in new ways, by degrees. Trial work requires non-linear thinking: he claims underneath his rough exterior he is really a nerd who ponders upon many unanswerable philosophical questions; he believes Star Trek teaches us that we can all get along; and, nothing quenches your thirst like a Dos Equis.

For every rider on a Harley-Davidson, there’s another motorcyclist who will ask, “Why do you like that thing? They are under-powered, they barely stop, they leak and are grandpa bikes.” It is a conscious choice. Practicing law as a workers’ compensation litigation defense attorney can have unpleasant side-effects, but, like putting on your brain-bucket and riding a Harley down a country road, there’s nothing like it.

Keep the rubber side down.

Harley 1

Dr. Cindy Peng and Bin Chen.