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Winter is coming…

SPOTLIGHT REPLACEMENT (KJN 8DEC2015)Science and fiction sometimes blur in workers’ compensation, but the science and fantasy fiction genres on the page or screen are clearly in focus for Kelly Niemeyer. From Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series to old sentimental favorites like Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series Kelly has been an avid fantasy fan for the past 18 years.In more recent years, Kelly’s interests have centered on one series in particular. With marathon viewings, late night reads and fan theory research, Kelly is unapologetic about her enthusiasm for the HBO series, Game of Thrones and the novels upon which they are based.

As fans of the hit HBO series know, Game of Thrones is inspired by a series of fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin. The story cycle is called A Song of Fire and Ice and currently encompasses five books. And what would a dedicated fan base be without internet discussion forums and phone apps; Kelly has her own Jon Snow cutout in the corner of her office and has been known to cryptically point out to the eye-rolling of some co-workers or chuckles of those in the know: R + L = J.

By day she discusses “IMEs,” “ARU,” “Voc,” “Schleiss,” “Own Motion” and other terms of art known only to workers’ compensation practitioners. After hours, she switches to “wildings,” “white walkers” and “Dothrakians.”

Kelly hosts Game of Thrones premiere and finale lunches with fans in the Spring to discuss developments in the latest season and speculate on what is to come. Legitimate enthusiasts are welcome to join and can contact Kelly at