Reinisch Wilson Weier PC Workers' Compensation Defense and Employment Law

Fisherman: Michael Jones

It’s hard to beat winning a difficult workers’ compensation claim litigation…unless you compare it to casting in the Metolius River in central Oregon. And you are Reinisch Wilson Weier PC attorney Michael Jones.

“All fly casting, no matter how descriptive and analytical the directions and teachings, must finally conclude kinaesthetically – that is by feel,” says casting instructor Mel Krieger. A river runs through Michael’s mind as the weekends approach. Ready at his reach are the rod, the reel, the line, the leader, assorted flies and sunglasses.

Finessing his leader out and back in a simple overhead, a roll or a back cast, Michael feels the tug of the water and gauges the stream flow to find his prey in a place without cell phones; during the weekday, he gauges claimants’ counsel at the other end of a phone line. Then a fish strikes and a struggle begins; back in the office on Monday, strategies, offers and arguments tug and dart throughout the week. Both preys are often filleted.

We work in a stressful industry. We wade through claim issues. But time stands still during the snap of Michael’s cast. This is where the mind empties and creative solutions to difficult claims come, all while standing thigh-deep in the natural sound and beauty of an Oregon stream.

Fish on!