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Material Cause Standard Applied to Medical Services in Oregon Combined Condition Claim

By Karen Varney - on: Nov 18, 2019
On remand from the Oregon Court of Appeals, the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board recently found that although a combined condition had been accepted and a current combined condition denial issued, the material cause standard applied for determining compensability of a diagnostic MRI. In Daniel B. Slater,[1] the worker’s claim was accepted for a medial collateral…

Are Washington employers liable after authorization of treatment in the wake of Maphet v. Clark County?

By Gina Ko - on: Sep 04, 2019
To authorize or not to authorize? Authorization of treatment is a tricky issue for Washington self-insured employers trying to strike a balance between restoring an injured worker’s function and running afoul of Washington’s compensable consequences doctrine, which can hold an employer or insurer responsible for issues stemming from treatments provided under a claim. The Washington…

Oregon employers, insurers must now accept/deny a combined condition to apportion impairment

By Trisha Hole - on: Aug 09, 2019
In a very disappointing decision for employers and insurers issued on August 8, 2019, the Oregon Supreme Court held that the presence of a legally cognizable preexisting condition is no longer sufficient to apportion permanent impairment in the absence of combined condition processing. In Caren v. Providence Health System Oregon, [1] the injured worker sustained a…

Team Rhino at the Defeat Multiple Myeloma 5k

By Reinisch Wilson Weier PC - on: Jun 25, 2019
Members of the Firm’s Bellevue office participated in Defeat Multiple Myeloma held June 23rd at Magnuson Park on beautiful Lake Washington in Seattle to support research and awareness for multiple myeloma cancer at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  

House Bill 3022 in light of the Oregon Supreme Court ruling in Elvia Garcia-Solis

By Caroline Hopkins - on: Jun 11, 2019
Oregon House Bill 3022 recently passed the House and now awaits Senate action. HB 3022 proposes to amend ORS 656.245(1)(c) to make diagnostic services compensable if they are reasonable and necessary to identify the nature or extent of a medical condition that may be related to a work injury or occupational disease. The necessity of…

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