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The Washington DOSH Naughty List: Insight into the Severe Violator Enforcement Program

By Jennifer Truong - on: Sep 20, 2018
For Washington state employers who have demonstrated indifference to their Washington Industrial and Safety and Health Act (WISHA) obligations, the Department of Labor and Industries Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) may add your company to Severe Violator Enforcement Program (SVEP), which can result in increased enforcement actions.[1] Whether or not your business is…

Type B attending physicians and delegating time loss in Oregon: Do I have to pay that?

By Nathan Goin - on: Sep 14, 2018
Escalating medical costs, increased specialization and a growing demand for medical care within the United States has given rise to the pseudo-doctor, a medical practitioner that lacks the exact medical training of a physician, but has the same approximate expertise for most routine issues that arise in an urgent care setting. Claims adjusters should understand…

The abolition of final claim denials in Washington workers’ compensation?

By Anna McFaul - on: Aug 03, 2018
In what is clearly an unfortunate circumstance regarding a worker’s later diagnosis of brain cancer, the Washington Court of Appeals ruled that the common law application of res judicata and collateral estoppel do not bar a worker from filing a new claim despite prior denial of the same claim. This ruling potentially undermines the finality…

You are an Oregon claims adjuster and you’ve just received a subpoena to testify at hearing! Oh joy!

By Kelly Niemeyer and Dave Wilson - on: Jul 17, 2018
You are a happy claims adjuster who has been diligently working on your claims: processing payments, making compensability decisions, authorizing appropriate treatment and engaging in the numerous other activities that make up your busy week. You’ve just finished processing your final time loss payment of the day and updated your diary list. You are on…

The firm races for justice

By Reinisch Wilson Weier PC - on: Jun 27, 2018
Members of the Reinisch Wilson Weier PC team came together for the St. Andrew Clinic (SALC) 2018 Annual Race for Justice 5k race on Saturday, June 16. The firm was a platinum event sponsor, raised over $1,000 in individual donations and ran (or briskly walked) our hearts out. For those unfamiliar with the clinic, SALC…

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