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You are an Oregon claims adjuster and you’ve just received a subpoena to testify at hearing! Oh joy!

By Dave Wilson and Reinisch Wilson Weier PC - on: Jul 17, 2018
You are a happy claims adjuster who has been diligently working on your claims: processing payments, making compensability decisions, authorizing appropriate treatment and engaging in the numerous other activities that make up your busy week. You’ve just finished processing your final time loss payment of the day and updated your diary list. You are on…

Collecting an Overpayment of Benefits in Washington

By Michael H. Weier - on: Feb 17, 2014
A self-insured employer is certainly entitled to waive an overpayment of benefits. In general, however, overpayments of workers’ compensation benefits are debts that should be repaid. Unfortunately, it is the rare claimant that voluntarily agrees or has the immediate means to voluntarily repay the debt.

Workers’ Compensation Claims of Physiological Shock

By Michael H. Weier - on: Oct 11, 2013
Physiological shock, also known as circulatory shock or simply shock, is a failure of the circulatory system to provide adequate amounts of blood to the vital organs and peripheral tissues for introduction of oxygen and nutrients and removal of metabolic wastes. Shock is typically caused by significant blood loss and a concomitant reduction in cardiac and pulmonary performance and efficiency. This article briefly outlines the symptoms of physiological shock and the medicolegal and administrative considerations for determining whether an injured worker may suffer from compensable physiological shock.

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