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Are you sending us updated documents for an existing matter that a Reinisch Wilson Weier PC attorney already represents? Click here.


Required for new file referrals – BEFORE YOU UPLOAD:

Please note that merely sending the claim file to one of our lawyers or staff members does not create an attorney-client relationship. Such a relationship will exist only once it is confirmed in writing between Reinisch Wilson Weier PC and you or your company. Reinisch Wilson Weier PC does not represent your employer/client until we have received this completed Referral Form, have satisfied our conflict check and confirmed representation in writing with you.

Thank you for helping us to be more efficient and to meet your important deadlines so we can help resolve this matter sooner.


File Referral Form



When you press submit, you will be taken directly to the file upload site, which will ask you for your contact info so that we can associate the uploaded documents with you. Upload all files, regardless of state, to the one folder. Upload capacity: 10 GB. Please zip together large quantities of documents for a single matter. Ideally, please only send files relating to one claimant at a time rather than, for example, discovery for 10 different claimants in one upload. 


For any physically submitted files, please

CLICK HERE FOR OREGON Save the pdf form to your hard drive before completing.

CLICK HERE FOR WASHINGTON Save the pdf form to your hard drive before completing.

Complete, print and and attach the form to any physical matters delivered to our office.

Save the pdf form to your hard drive first.

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