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Rhinoteers serve at Potluck in the Park

By Reinisch Wilson Weier PC, Dec 13, 2016

Members of the firm and their family members helped serve a meal at O’Bryant Square on Sunday, December 11.

Potluck In The Park has been serving a free hot meal to anyone in need since 1991. Rain or shine, 52 weeks a year, we are feeding Portland homeless, every Sunday, at O’Bryant Square in downtown Portland. Four hundred to six hundred Portlanders do not go hungry on Sunday because of Potluck in the Park. The generosity of volunteers and donations from people like you that our Potluck community continues to provide for those in need.

“This was an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience for our Rhinoteers. If you missed this opportunity, Potluck in the Park serves a meal every Sunday, rain or shine (at O’Bryant Square in downtown Portland), and they always take volunteers.”

P-in-the-P donations (96dpi)





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