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The WISHA List

Do you have a plan for a Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) visit and investigation?

Here are a few important items for consideration:

  • Who should be notified when DOSH is onsite?
  • Who may grant a DOSH request for site access?
  • Who needs to be onsite during the inspection?
  • Who will communicate answers to DOSH inquiries?
  • Who will conduct the preliminary employer’s investigation of events?
  • Who will secure the worksite?
  • Do you have a designated media contact?
  • Are employees trained to follow your plan?

Our experienced legal team is ready to  assist at the inspection stage:

  • Are management and team members ready for inspection interviews?
  • Are there third-party liability issues?
  • Are there concerns for a repeat or willful violation?
  • Will records preservation and access to experts be initiated?
  • Will there be concerns for an increase to your Experience Modification Rate?

We offer representation in informal proceedings, administrative actions, trials and appeals. Engaging counsel for early consultation may be beneficial to help identify and address your inspection plan and consider available affirmative defenses. Keep safe!

Please contact the following for advice and assistance in WISHA matters:

Jennifer L. Truong
[email protected]