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Where’s Rhino? (July 29)

Our friendly little Rhino took a trip overseas and has it “made in the shade!”

Can you guess which country Rhino is in?

Rhino-in-greece (Santorini)

Guess where in the world is Rhino — the country (can you guess the town too?) in which Rhino is posed — we’ll send you a free drink at Starbucks. First person to email me ( a correct answer wins! (Sorry, “Planet Earth” or other technically correct, but equally vague answers won’t win! One win per person per year.)

Our little Rhinos have been on vacation all across the country! Daedra Buntin at Portland Public Schools correctly guessed he was at the Portland, Maine, head light. 

wheres rhino-east-coast-light with DaedraBuntin


 Missed the early opportunities to guess? Here’s where Rhino has been.