Reinisch Wilson Weier PC Workers' Compensation Defense and Employment Law

About Our Firm

Reinisch Wilson Weier PC is the Pacific Northwest’s largest workers’ compensation defense firm with permanent offices in Seattle and Portland. For more than three decades, the attorneys and professional staff have provided legal advice, counseling, guidance and representation for employers, insurance companies and third party claims administrators in Oregon and Washington.

Reinisch Wilson Weier PC dedicates its professional resources and talents to employers and their insurers. Our attorneys provide educational seminars and individualized training, develop and execute creative administrative action plans, engage in cost-effective negotiations, present well-organized argument to achieve the best possible outcome in formal mediations and aggressively defend, promote and pursue client interests and goals in adversarial litigation.

In early 2017, Reinisch Wilson Weier PC was selected as the second most diverse Metropolitan Portland law firm. Click here to read more.

Please contact any of our attorneys if your company has any questions or has a need for legal services for Washington and/or Oregon employers, insurers and third party administrators.